Book: Terror at Snake Hill


Terror at Snake Hill is an engaging and suspenseful tale set against the backdrop of the 1866 Battle of the Lime Ridge. Terror at Snake Hill brings to life the invasion of the Niagara Peninsula by a group of Irish Americans known as the Fenian Brotherhood. Haunted and hunted by his long-time enemy, Travers Baloo, Peter James Plattow, the novel’s teenage hero, sets out to protect his homeland from the Fenian menace by rallying the sleeping farm community into action. Copies are available.

Readers will find themselves immediately transported to another time and place where the pastoral workings of everyday life are transformed overnight into life-threatening dramas demanding great physical and spiritual fortitude.

Second Edition will soon be available!

$25.00 + shipping in Canada.


Peter James gasped.  It WAS him, Travers Baloo of the 59th!  He recognized the heavyset figure that could move so swiftly, the full black beard and unkempt hair partially covering the jagged red scar on his forehead.  In his left hand he held the heavy, hardwood shillelagh, which he called his death club … The old army blue uniform and the brutal, harsh features — all were characteristic of Sergeant Travers Baloo, the pariah of defenceless men.  Revulsion filled Peter James as he recalled those terrible days.